About Us

Established in 2013, but years in the making, In Search Of is one of the world's premier vintage eyewear shops. Vintage Eyewear is not only fashion, it's history. Each frame tells a tale about where it's been and what they've seen. At In Search Of we pride ourselves on not only having the most sought after pieces in the world but having the most extensive and accurate knowledge about our products.  In other words, No Bullshit.  Our passion for Vintage Eyewear is rooted deep within our souls. We are here to educate as well as relocate, from one aficionado to the other.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we ensure the highest customer satisfaction every time, all the time.  We truly care about our customers and our products. We understand that finding the right pair of Vintage Frames can be a very hard thing to accomplish. We are here to facilitate that process in a way that no other company ever could.  

In Search Of was formulated in the genius of world renown Vintage Eyewear expert Davon. Born in Baltimore, he quickly became intrigued with fashion in culture. That curiosity led him to the world of Vintage Eyewear. Davon has been featured on numerous websites and magazines around the world sporting some of the rarest and most historic pieces known to mankind. Davon is consistently considered one of the top vintage eyewear connoisseurs on the globe.  With In Search Of you are in the best of hands.